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Zerotsm CBT Electro and Machine Fuck
Zerotsm is stretched out very tight. He has electro going on his cock and balls at the same time that his hole gets machined fucked. The last five minutes of a half hour scene. In HD, use full screen.2023-05-30 00:182023-10-02 22:39302
Zerotsm's 12 in 30
Zerotsm is bound very tight as usual. He receives 12 cane strokes spaced out over 30 minutes. He doesn't know when they are going to happen as he has earplugs in and is hooded. He is gagged and plugged as well. Mostly a close up of his butt. The top decided to be extra rough and cane his legs which hurts even more. The pauses are edited out. In HD, use full screen.2023-03-24 17:162023-10-02 22:40242
Zerotsm's Electro CBT deep throat
Zerotsm is bound very tight as usual. Cock and balls are stretched with electro, Electro up his ass (not readily visible), tit clamps and a cock dildo deep down his throat. In HD use full screen.2023-01-05 22:032023-10-02 22:42372
Zero being trained to deep throat
A short clip showing Zerotsm is bound in his chair, head tied back and adjustable mouth dildo. We every so often screw it in deeper. In HD so use full screen.2021-12-04 04:042023-10-02 22:42701
Zerotsm Balancing on Stool With Electro
Zerotsm is bound on a stool with his hands over his head to the collar in back. Gagged and blindfolded. His tit clamps are stretched. We have electro on his cock. This is the last five minutes of a half hour scene. Use full screen for the best view.2021-02-13 19:452023-10-02 22:431105
Zerotsm Machine Fucked With Electro
Zerotsm is bound on his back blindfolded and gagged. His legs are bound against his chest opening his hole wide for the fucking machine. In addition his tit clamps are stretched. We have electro on his cock. Use full screen for the best view.2021-01-29 01:192023-09-29 16:08832
Zerotsm's Cock Sucking Training With Pain
Zerotsm is bound on hs back blindfolded with the mechanical dildo working his mouth. In addition his tit clamps are stretched. His cock and balls are stretched and we have electro on his cock. Finally we inserted a large butt plug. Use full screen for the best view.2020-11-15 19:102023-09-29 16:131061
Zerotsm's Cock Sucking Training
Zerotsm is bound to a pole with his head securely fastened. The mechanical dildo is working his mouth. In addition we rigged it so that his tit clamps get pulled if he resists. His cock is locked in chastity. Use full screen for the best view.2020-05-22 22:302023-09-29 16:161260
Electro on the landing
We came up with this rigid bondage situation for Zerotsm. Elbows in steel and legs spread where he can't move them. Of course he's hooded, gagged and has a pole up his ass. We put a spiked cock and ball harness on him. Tormentor clamps on his tits and across his chest. Finally a half hour of cock electro, the last five minutes of which is shown here. In HD Pillerbox, so view in full screen mode.2020-02-24 19:292023-09-29 16:201262
Elbows Tied Tight Electro Torture
We really like to work on Zerotsm's pecs and tits and one of the better ways to do it is bind his elbows tightly together behind his back.

We left them there for awhile hooded with the inflatable gag pumped tight, then whipped his pecs with a rubber whip, then paddled his nips till they were good and red.

Next the heavy tight clamps go on and get threaded though a hook eye in the ceiling to the metal cock stretcher. Finally a half hour of cock electro, the last five minutes of which is shown here. In HD Pillerbox, so view in full screen mode.

2019-12-05 21:562023-09-30 10:541093
Wet Suit Chair Bondage
Zerotsm is in a skin tight wet suit a heavy hood with an inflatable gag, then bound tightly in the comfy chair. Not much movement but you can hear muffled groans and straps squeaking.2019-11-12 09:292023-09-20 18:06638
Zerotsm Stool Torture 2
Zerotsm is tiled over a stool again. This time we tied in a buttplug, put weights on his tits and balls and electro on his cock. The scene did not end here. Stand by for Zerotsm Stool Torture 3 in which we give him even more pain.2019-06-02 17:062023-09-29 07:091702
Zerotsm Hog Tie Number Four
Zerotsm is hog tied with head and feet bound overhead. This is a very rough position and it turned on Zerotsm so much that he started humping the floor and came. But we did not let him loose right away, just left him to continue to deal with the gag, plug and clamps for awhile longer. HD, watch in full screen mode.2018-10-25 01:232023-09-29 07:092203
Torture on the cell bars
Zerotsm is bound tightly to the cell bars with rubber bungee cords. Gag is part of the head bondage. Of course we put a butt plug in, held by the vertical bungees. Tormentor clips on his tits and clothes pegs on his balls, then we add the electro to his cock. Video is the last 5 minutes of the 1/2 hour scene.2018-07-15 01:302023-09-29 12:152082
A short clip
Forgot about the camera until this was almost over. Similar to "Electro Tit Weight Torture", but this time we tie his head harness back with a rope around his waist that also holds a big butt plug in. Another rough position that looks easy until you try it. This video is in HD, so use the full screen option on the viewer for maximum enjoyment.2018-04-20 01:192023-09-24 09:282893
Zero's Stretched ET
Zero is bound stretched out, hooded, impaled and gagged. Next his balls are weighted, tits on his clamps and heavy electro on his cock. This video is in HD, so use the full screen option on the viewer for maximum enjoyment.2018-02-12 00:052023-09-27 08:002116
Zero's Stretched ET
Zero is bound hooded and gagged. His knees are stretched wide exposing his balls, which are tied to a spreader bar. Tits are clamped and stretched and his cock gets electro while his arms are pulled painfully behind him. This video is in HD, so use the full screen option on the viewer for maximum enjoyment2017-10-14 03:032023-09-24 09:321969
Ball Electro Plugged
Zerotsm is bound and gagged with his legs spread apart, then plugged. The plug is tied in with rubber straps so he can't push it out. His tits are tied to his ball stretcher over the spreader bar. Shown is two minutes of the half hour electro session on his balls. In HD, so use full screen for more detail.2017-08-28 23:422023-09-27 08:093711
Sawhorse Torture
Zerotsm is tied to the sawhorse with a butt plug on it. His legs are pulled up so that his weight really holds the buttplug in. Then tit clamps and electro on his cock were added. In pillarboxed HD, so use full screen for more detail.2017-07-05 01:202023-09-27 08:113854
Standing Spread Eagle ET
Zerotsm is spread eagled standing. Heavy tit clamps are applied. Here we see the latter part of the cock electro scene. in pillarboxed HD, so use full screen for more detail.2017-03-08 23:562023-09-20 18:223775
69 Birthday Whipping
To celebrate Zerotsm's birthday he gets 69 lashes with a 4 foot rat tail whip. He counts all that are strong enough. We had to edit part of the video because of people walking in front of the camera, but you do get to see at least 60 strokes landing and the finished product. In pillarboxed HD, so use full screen to see more detail.2016-11-26 23:102023-09-23 00:483467
Heavy Hood Electro
Zerotsm is placed in a heavy StudioGum hood with a fixed gag. Next a wired chastity belt goes on with with a big dildo up his butt. He is bound so as to arch his back, drive the dildo in even deeper and pull his shoulders back. Tits are clamped and stretched and then the electro begins as shown in this video. In pillarboxed HD, so use full screen to see more detail.2016-11-08 02:072023-09-27 08:152672
Weight Bench Electro
Zerotsm is bound very tightly to the weight bench. His butt has a long dildo up it, but that's not readily visible. Hooded and gagged we zap his cock and balls. He really moans through this one. This video is in HD so use full screen for maximum enjoyment.2016-09-25 19:452023-09-27 08:171871
Zero's Rough Scene
This is the roughest stress scene we have done to Zerotsm. Tit clamps and balls are tied to the leg spreader so he has to squat, it's murder on his legs. He only lasted as long as this video! You think you can do better? We will happily let you try it and enjoy your suffering. This video is in HD so use the full screen option for maximum enjoyment.2016-08-03 01:542023-09-28 15:563757
John's Comfy Chair Electro part 1
Jonn is securely bound in the comfy chair, his cock is wired up and the ET-312 programmed to gradually increase the stimulation. The last five minutes where it gets really intense is shown.2016-08-02 22:132023-09-21 17:532290
John's ElectroTorture
John is bound stretched out, then we do electro on his cock. A brief chest flogging at the end.2016-06-02 23:122023-09-30 10:562776
Zero's Butt Plug Insertion
Zero is bound gagged with weights on his tits, then he has to deal with a buttplug. He's bound so he can't get off of it, and in this position as his legs get tired there is no choice but for it to go in all the way. This video is in HD, so use the full screen option on the viewer for maximum enjoyment.2016-03-20 01:552023-09-24 09:333367
Zero's Tit Cock and Ball Torture
Zero is tied in a standing position feet laced in boots bolted to a board. Arms are behind his back with a chain to the leather collar. He is plugged and gagged. Tit clamps are tied to the ceiling, balls have a weight on them and finally his cock gets electro torture.2016-03-11 02:202023-09-27 08:232055
Zero's Suspended Bondage Electo Scene
Zero is suspended by the waist, arms behind his back, his legs are spread, weights on the tit clamps, buttplug tied up his ass, balls stretched and finally a good electro session on his cock.2016-01-30 08:512023-09-26 08:551708
Hogtied Gagged to the Floor
Hogtied gagged to the floor and plugged.2015-05-09 00:292023-09-28 15:572184
Asshole Wax Torture
Zero gets hot wax on his asshole.2015-04-25 21:272023-09-10 13:091622
Heavy ET
Heavy electo on his cock, harness and butt plug.2015-04-05 04:132023-09-26 08:552285
Candle Cock Torture
A lit candle is stuck up his ass dripping hot wax on his stretched out cock.2015-03-24 02:212023-09-16 16:051545
Zerotsm in "Comfy" Chair.
Zerotsm in "comfy chair" with 7 tormentor clips on each tit and heavy electro on his cock.2015-02-21 01:372023-09-09 16:042081
Zerotsm on the Big Plug
Zerotsm is bound sitting on a butt plug so big that it doesn't go in, his hole is just painfully stretched. Then tit clamps and clothes pins on his cock and balls. Later, we free one hand and let him remove the clothes pins and tit clamps.2014-10-27 05:082023-10-01 14:472670
Zerotsm Struggles With Two Buttplugs
Zerotsm manages to work a moderate size butt plug out of his ass. So a big one is inserted and he is positioned so that the butt plug is vertical. Now he can't work it out, he squirms and moans from the discomfort of the large asshole invader.2014-10-17 05:462023-09-16 16:042334
Zerotsm Hog Tie Number Three
Zerotsm plugged, gagged, tit clamped, and hog tied.2014-08-02 02:392023-09-20 18:201906
Zerotsm Stool Torture
Zerotsm is tied on his stomach over a stool and left to suffer.2013-03-17 17:152023-09-05 11:161753
Zerotsm Foot Torture
Zerotsm gets his feet worked over2011-10-14 12:542023-09-20 18:191699
Electro Tit Weight Torture
Zero is having his cock zapped while tied bent over with weights hanging from his tits.2011-04-20 07:572023-09-27 20:411443
Cell Bondage and Electro
Zerotsm is bound tightly in a chair, blindfolded and gagged. Tit clamps are attached to his collar. Then the electro starts. This video just captures the last few minutes when we got rough.2010-07-10 21:002023-10-01 14:48661
Zerotsm Outdoor Whipping
Zerotsm is led to a post, bound and whipped.2010-07-03 17:002023-09-23 00:533398
Zerotsm Branked
Zerotsm is put in a brank, plugged and tied to a bungee board, then he gets some serious tit stretching.2009-11-17 22:492023-09-28 15:584954
John Gets Chest Flogged
Zerotsm gags John, then gives him a chest flogging.2009-10-11 20:562023-09-21 23:202216
Zerotsm's Tit Torture
Zerotsm is bound in an uncomfortable position and weights are hung from intense tit clamps. Unfortunately this 320x240 video is the only copy extant. We'll have to reshoot it in HD.2009-09-27 01:172023-10-01 14:502211
Tit, Quad and Ball Torture
Zerotsm is in predicament torture. He can't bend down too far or his tits get stretched, he can't stand up or his balls get stretched, his quads really get sore after awile.2009-04-06 01:062023-09-27 10:332760
Ab and Ball Torture
Zerotsm is spread eagled, then his balls are tied to his collar so that he has to crunch his abs to relieve the pressure. We show the last five minutes where it gets really intense.2009-04-02 02:472023-09-04 11:232099
Office Tit Torture
Zerotaf works over Zerotsm's tits in the office.2008-03-02 13:372023-09-26 08:021944
Sixty Strokes
Zero receives sixty strokes with a dressage whip.2008-02-20 20:112023-09-23 00:591872
25 Chest Stokes
Zerotsm gets twenty five strokes with a dressage whip across the chest, no warm up.2008-02-20 03:402023-09-20 18:131688
Zerotsm's Revelation
Zerotsm reveals what is under the hood.2008-02-02 22:112023-09-24 17:542236
Brutal Stretching
Zerotsm is stretched out on the floor, legs wide and arms up over his head. Video shows last part of the scene where he is really hurting.2007-12-14 19:002023-09-05 11:211717
Straight Jacket
Zerotsm is put in a straight jacket, then locked in a cell. This video shows the whole process of putting on the straight jacket.2007-12-14 18:582023-09-21 17:593880
Heavy Steel Bondage
Zerotsm is bound in steel, including a steel helmet. The video only shows the last part where we make it really rough.2006-08-07 20:002023-10-02 15:042548
Heavy Bed Bondage
Zerotsm is led into the cell and secured to the bunk with Humane Restraint straps, then the door is locked.2006-07-30 20:002023-09-26 08:021690
Zero's Electo Scene
Zero is tied securely in a chair and receives electro torture/pleasure on his cock.2006-07-27 22:172023-09-26 08:572145
Earplugged, Gagged, Hooded and Hogtied
Zerotsm is earplugged, gagged, a rubber hood goes on, a collar and head harness, then the hood is inflated. The final six minutes or so of the video are the best shots of Zerotsm struggling in a good hog tie. The actual hog tie lasted four hours.2006-07-09 11:302023-09-29 20:275033
Jail Door Flogging
Zerotsm is tied to a jail front to receive a good flogging.2000-12-15 20:552023-10-01 14:491800
Cornwall Barracks Punishment
Zerotsm gets the Cornwall Barracks Punishment. This is 50 strokes with a strap given in three sets of ten strokes, with a two minute pause in between, then a final set of twenty strokes.1999-07-13 16:242023-09-23 01:002481